Annual TIG & Microsoft event: Everything you need to know about Microsoft in 2017

We had an excellent Annual TIG & Microsoft Event on 23rd Feb 2017 at the IOD. Three impressive Microsoft Partners. James Akrigg @jakrigg Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft spoke to us about the journey of the Microsoft Cloud Roadmap which provides intelligence, collaboration and transformation to organisations.

Andrew Butler @EMSANDY_MSFT Enterprise Mobility and Security Partner from Microsoft took us through the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), all its benefits and the information protection solution on how to protect data, regardless of where it’s stored or with whom it’s shared. A tool that prevents accidental leaks, allowing collaboration of devices and the productivity of users. We learnt about the Microsoft StaffHub which

makes it easy for managers to create, update and manage schedules for their team, streamlining the process. We also delved into the Azure Active Directory, the key features are central management; enhanced productivity, security & reliability which leads to better safer management of credentials. The Azure Active directory helps you to protect user identities, detecting suspicious action which is stored in a record called risk event and given a risk score.

Richard Cheney @RichCheneyAzure Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft talked us through Azure Site Recovery, a cloud based flexible recovery plan which protects complex multi-tier applications.

A vibrant Q & A session took place led by George Georgiou from TIG @TIGCloudService and the Microsoft Partners answering questions on Azure Site Recovery and EMS.

The event was followed by an Azure Workshop which covers Azure’s pitfalls and demonstrates how to ensure a smooth migration. We will also reveal how other Microsoft solutions such as OMS and EMS can further enhance your businesses security.  All our experts are fully Microsoft trained and happy to talk you through live scenarios of your business.

To find out more about future Azure workshops click here.

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