Our mission

Customer satisfaction, never compromised with service which is underpinned by innovative solutions delivered by outstanding people. Empowering our people through training and nurturing creating a positive, progressive and dynamic culture.

Our vision

To be our customers preferred trusted supplier for IT services

To provide exceptional and award winning customer care

An extraordinary place to work for our staff, fun yet stimulating

As a business to be profitable and to progress

Our values

Integrity: If we said it, we’ll do it. We always follow our words with actions that consistently deliver what we promised. When people trust us, we don’t let them down.

Passion: We are passionate and proud of what we do every day. We take pride in what we achieve& how we do it.

Collaboration and diversity: We are generous in the way we celebrate our people and teams, what makes us special and what we do. We celebrate things at work and at play.

People: At the core of our business is human intelligence and empowerment, which enables TIG to deliver amazing service and innovative solutions to our customers.