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How to protect your business from cyber threats

Businesses are under constant threat

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving, and an attack can have catastrophic consequences for business.

  • Financial ruin through sophisticated phishing attacks.
  • Loss of critical business data.
  • Fines imposed by governing bodies for regulated businesses can mean that their finances and reputation never recover.

TiG are industry leaders and have years of experience implementing security solutions that protect businesses from these threats. We have specific knowledge of the high-level requirements of those in the financial services, asset management, and professional services sectors. We will partner with you to become your security guardian, providing constant surveillance and protection, around the clock.

Guardian, our cyber security gateway solution, simplifies security management to ensure maximum value and protection from threats.


of breach victims are SMBs


the average cost of a malware attack


records exposed by breaches in the last 6 months

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Advanced cyber security

TiG provides around the clock protection

The fundamental role of a security service is to quickly eliminate the likelihood a potential threat is able to cause disruption or loss to a business.

With Guardian, our cyber security gateway solution, we not only respond to an alert, but we are also able to accurately implement a change or changes that stop the potential threat from causing disruption in the shortest possible time.

Failure to stop the potential threat at source, and certainly in less than a few minutes, allows the attacker a foothold that becomes more complex and time consuming to remedy, increases the likelihood of data or financial loss. By acting fast, we mitigate this risk.

cyber security gateway solution
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