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The latest updates from the police cyber crime unit

Cybercrime is at an all time high

Businesses in the UK are under the constant threat of cyber security attacks, and there is an increasing risk of losing your data, money, and even the business itself. Hackers are experts at choosing vulnerable targets. Learn about the risks and best methods of defence by joining our security briefing with experts from the police and TiG.

In this briefing you will:

  • Hear how other businesses have been targeted
  • Understand the risks through real-life examples
  • Learn how to implement some simple defence strategies

Guest speaker

Sean O’Neil L.Lb (Hon); MSyl; has extensive law enforcement experience having served for 30 years in UK Police service. He was a fully qualified ‘Senior Investigating Officer’ (SIO), with vast experience in dealing with ‘Critical incidents’ and serious organised crime. These included Murder, kidnap, extortion, and product contamination.

Sean became a senior investigations manager role for a large ecommerce company; heading an internal investigation unit, investigating serious & organised crime attacks on the company from supply chain, transportation, internal staff, vendors and customers. He investigated large-scale counterfeit allegations and high end Cyber enabled crime such as fraud on the company.

Sean is now tasked to provide cyber security and fraud advice to business; to help prevent cybercrime attacks and bring companies together to learn and tackle cyber enabled crime.

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