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Goldschmidt & Howland. A future-proof infrastructure for a historic estate agent. Sold!

With over a hundred years experience, Goldschmidt & Howland, a London-based estate agent, prides itself on providing outstanding service to property owners and buyers. They need to react quickly to their client’s needs. With our help they brought their ageing IT infrastructure up to speed, protecting them from data recovery disasters and helping them to stay ahead of their game.

The Challenge

With their IT infrastructure showing signs of age, something needed to be done. “We were reaching a stage with the current infrastructure and technology where we’d soon be at a commercial disadvantage,” said Richard Sice, IT Manager, Goldschmidt & Howland.

The estate agent outsourced some of its IT, but Richard still had his hands full supporting five offices. “We needed someone we could trust to take it off our hands, so I could focus on the business systems.”

Goldschmidt reached out to TIG, knowing that the IT systems integrator had proven third-line support and a highly experienced Tranfsormational Services team. “We were impressed with TIG’s experience. It gave us comfort knowing that they have a solid track record with companies like ours,” said Richard. We audited Goldschmidt’s entire IT environment to determine what steps needed to be taken to eliminate site failures and concerns about disaster recovery.

‘TIG is there when you need them, and that’s very important to us.’ Richard Sice, IT Manager, Goldschmidt & Howland

The result was a detailed document outlining risks to the business and areas of improvement. Based on this, we developed a three-year IT roadmap to predict costs for the IT investments needed.

The outcomes and benefits

  • Ability to recover faster from a disaster
  • A stable platform gives users a consistent experience with 99.99% systems availability during core business hours
  • Productivity has improved
  • Teams are able to deliver a better client experience with real-time information at their fingertips
  • They now have a single-point escalation for major technical issues

The extra mile

As a result Goldschmidt’s board of directors appointed TIG to lead the following key projects:

  1. The consolidation of all data storage onto SAN technology
  2. Upgrade of Exchange email system
  3. Virtualisation of all server infrastructure
  4. Review and upgrade of all networking hardware between all of the agency’s sites
  5. Improve the disaster recovery strategy

In addition to serving as a consultancy and provider of best-of-breed technologies, TIG has become one of Goldschmidt & Howland’s key trusted advisor.

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