does zoom security

Does Zoom present a security risk to your business?

With the increasing use of technologies such as Zoom for video conferencing, web conferencing and chat, we're sharing some security information to be implemented whilst using Zoom. We'll also look at some recent examples where problems have arisen.

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four steps

Four steps to follow when your teams start working from home

It is important that organisations remember that the decisions they make now will have consequences beyond the immediate situation. Taking a step back and assessing the long-term impact of decisions can be tricky when dealing with crisis, but it is essential for the future health of the organisation.

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Handling growing regulatory burdens for Private Equity firms

Handling growing regulatory burdens for Private Equity firms

With multiple new regulations coming into play for asset managers, here we look at handling growing regulatory burdens for Private Equity firms

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working remotely during challenging times

Working remotely during challenging times

For people who aren’t used to working outside the office it can be difficult to adapt. Here are suggestions that can make everything run much more smoothly

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tig hosts dinner and discussion for private equity

TiG hosts dinner and discussion for Private Equity leaders

The first in our dinner and discussion series for private equity leaders. Here we take a deeper look at some of the points that were discussed.

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tig launches discussion series for the private equity sector

Launch of discussion series for the alternative investment sector

TiG Data Intelligence, specialist technology provider to the alternative investment industry, has released a paper highlighting some of the major discussions happening within the sector today.

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ten years of azure

Ten years of Azure

Ten years ago this week, Microsoft officially launched its Azure cloud platform. Since then, Azure has become a core Microsoft service

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the new data landscape

The new data landscape

Only the businesses that are structured to handle a new volume and variety of data can benefit from the advanced decision making it enables.

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private equity game changer

The private equity game changer

TiG are specialists in providing IT services in the Private Equity sector, and have gathered insights into game changers that can be implemented

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digital potential portfolio level

Digital Potential in Private Equity at Portfolio Level

The Private Equity industry is now recognising that the processing power cloud provides and how it can be used to enable advanced analytics platform for competitive advantage.

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