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Four starter solutions for modern working, intelligent data platform and business analytics

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The first step to modern working for just £20k

It’s faster and easier than you think to implement a modern working platform. Launch the full Microsoft 365 suite in your business in 20 days for £20,000 for a more connected team working securely, remotely from any device.

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The Business Dashboard for just £20k

Interpreting and analysing data from multiple sources in your business needn’t be complicated. TiG Octopus frees your business from the tyranny of complex manual spreadsheets and gives you real time business intelligence in a configurable dashboard.

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Secure managed services


All round security for just £10k

With Guardian, our cyber security gateway solution, we not only respond to an alert, but we are also able to accurately implement a change or changes that stop the potential threat from causing disruption in the shortest possible time.

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Intelligent data platform

Cloud Pleaser

Painless Azure Migration for just £20k

Managing security and meeting compliance requirements is actually easier in the cloud. Applications are more secure and costs are managed on a per user per month basis which makes forecasting, planning and scaling easier.

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‘The impact of problematic systems and slow load times had not yet been felt by customers, but it was something that was certainly affecting staff morale. ‘The biggest difference we have noticed so far’, says Just Digital’s Company Secretary Jane Saunders, ‘is that our people have stopped complaining about not being able to get their work done!’

Jane Saunders, Just Digital

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