IT & Outsourcing – A private equity perspective

IT & Outsourcing – A private equity perspective

Outsourcing a business’ IT requirement looks different for every sector, here we look at outsourcing from a private equity perspective. Private equity firms hold a wealth of sensitive data that makes them a valuable target for cyber criminals, with vulnerabilities running through not only the firms themselves but also through their portfolios. Risk management and due diligence protocols often fall into the hands of the firms’ operations managers, making the IT provision a balancing act while also trying to keep margins low. Increasingly, firms are turning to managed service providers to reduce some of this pressure, and feeling the additional benefits of fully managed data security services and an IT infrastructure that can be stored and maintained off-site.

In a recent interview with The Drawdown, Karan Darroch, finance and operations manager at Dunedin, discussed her firm’s current IT strategy and their decision to move their exchange and file servers to the cloud. Darroch noted that by moving the firm’s hardware off site they have reduced ongoing maintenance costs, and software updates that would have previously been a headache for the firm happen automatically. Since moving their servers to the cloud they have already seen other benefits too.


‘A cloud environment offers more flexible remote working options for the team and provides a greater degree of security. We always had access controls before, but they’re easier to manage in a cloud environment. And for things like GDPR, where you can only store certain sets of data for so long, it’s a real help.’
Karan Darroch, Finance and Operations Manager at Dunedin


As a managed service provider specialising in the alternative investment sector, TiG have a breadth of knowledge in cybersecurity in the cloud and consult on an individual basis to ensure the correct environment for each of our client firms. With knowledge of the governance and regulations active in the sector we are also able to support firms through these processes.

If you’d like further information, please contact us. To read more about how technology is changing private equity, download our whitepaper.

Original interview by Alice Murray with Karan Darroch can be found on The Drawdown. 

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