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how to respond to a data breach

How to respond to a data breach

The cost of a data breach to a business can be catastrophic. Here we look at the way businesses need to respond should the worst happen.

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law firm held to ransom

Law firm hacked and held to ransom

New York law firm hits the news after suffering a Ransomware attack by hackers, who have stolen large amounts of sensitive data

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returning to work

Returning to work, but not as we know it

As the government is likely to begin the slow and gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions we will be returning to work, but not as we know it.

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defend against ransomware

How to defend your business against Ransomware attacks

The recent pandemic has seen a growth in the number of ransomware attacks. The steps individuals and organisations can take to protect themselves are in this article.

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questions to ask about cloud security

Questions to ask about cloud security

The way businesses store and access their data is changing. Due to the increased flexibility, agility and scalability of the cloud many are opting to move away from privately owned infrastructure and towards the public cloud.

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