Office 365

How Office 365 can work for you.

Office 365 includes everything a business needs for everyday productivity and team collaboration, while also being highly security focused with user identities and access rights. The Office 365 bundle allows users to work from anywhere, with desktop versions of Office apps for PC and Mac, along with web and mobile versions for working on the move. Keep staff focused on goals with teamwork and communication tools, as well as file storage and sharing systems that allow for multiple document edits to happen simultaneously.

Why choose us?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TiG are able to offer our customers a seamless migration to Microsoft Office 365 with unlimited support. Our role is to get rid of all the noise and ensure the multi-step migration is seamless, allowing businesses to continue working as normal with no down time. Ensuring Office 365 gives businesses the power of flexibility, reliability, security and much more.


Reliability with guaranteed availability of services

Multiple layers of in-built security to keep customer data safe

Safeguarding of the platform to protect user privacy

Ease of administration and collaboration across the whole business

Updates are included and don't require administrative downtime

Easy to manage credentials and permissions with single sign-on and synchronisation

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