How technology is changing  private equity

Insights from the digital front line

The investment industry is going through an era-defining age of technological advance. It is one in which private equity firms are beginning to realise the value that can be added to their portfolio companies, and their own funds, through the process of digital transformation.

This discussion document is based on a series of interviews with the technology and operational leads from private equity funds, each with different investment strategies, markets and approaches.

We’ve added these to our own experiences with clients and some wider information to provide insights under six headings, which will form the basis for a series of discussion events we will hold during 2022.

We hope you find this paper both illuminating and useful.

Six insights

  1. Data as a source of competitive advantage
  2. Cloud based technology drives portfolio profitability 
  3. Data security reassures investors
  4. Users need to feel in control
  5. The importance of culture
  6. New technology will underpin the private equity firm of  the future

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