M365 for Barristers' Chambers

Secure mobile working made simple

Secure, cost effective and available across all devices

Moving to a cloud-based productivity solution is easier than you think, and will save you so much time on administrative tasks.

We’re able to implement Microsoft 365 on all your existing devices, no matter what operating system they use. Barristers will be able to access their up-to-date diaries and files from their iphones, android devices, PCs and MacBooks – all kept absolutely secure and in-sync.

Having a centralised administrator system for all devices means data can be secured at all times, making compliance reporting less of a headache.

We're ready to support you now and into the future

We have partnered with more than 150 growing UK businesses, barristers’ chambers, and law firms to deliver Microsoft cloud migration projects. So we know what we’re doing.

TiG’s M20:20 solution uses automation, machine learning and micro services to rapidly deploy Microsoft 365. This, coupled with Prince2 discipline and over 10 years’ experience, means that for most businesses, we can go from start to finish in 20 days, for as little as £20k. Many other providers will take as long as 50 days to do a similar thing.

By constantly staying ahead of the curve with new technology, we are able to provide our clients with the best advice. It’s our job to think ahead and we’ll always look for further ways to make your lives easier.


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How does it work?

Barristers Chambers’ need secure access to company resources, diaries, documents and customer case files whilst working remotely. This solution provides just that.

Manage all your everyday legal applications more easily by accessing them through the Microsoft cloud. Using one secure platform means fewer passwords to remember as you’ll be able to manage everything through a single user identity.

Cloud hosting

In just 20 days your chambers could feel the benefit of:

MS Office 365 suite

Identity driven access to data and systems

Single sign-on

Device management and security

Disaster recovery and backup

Application management

It starts with a 20:20 health check

Microsoft 365 for barristers’ chambers starts with a readiness assessment to evaluate the status of the current business environment. This is a valuable stand-alone piece of work resulting in a full report and risk analysis. The report and risk assessment will summarise:

  1. Assessment of current email and office tools
  2. Evaluation of end user security products currently in place
  3. Understanding of identity management requirements for software applications
  4. Extent to which data security processes are in place throughout user journeys
  5. The tools already in place for data security and how these can be improved


Unified communications

Implementation of the M20:20 solution is painless. The combination of TiG’s experienced team and the power of Microsoft 365 provides businesses with immediate improvements in productivity and increased security posture. We’ll implement the solution with minimal business disruption, so end-users will be able to work as usual throughout the process.

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