Team TiG – Ajay Sachania

Ajay Sachania is the Head of Service Operations, a role he has worked his way up to since joining TiG as a support engineer straight out of university. As his own career has taken an upward trajectory he has also seen some big changes to TiG itself, however his main focus is on maintaining the inclusive culture of his team as the business grows.

‘You can call me the General of TiG’

Ajay’s plan after university was to begin a career in project management and gave himself a strict six-month deadline to find his first role. Competition was fierce and Ajay was on the brink of moving onto his Plan-B, enlisting in the British Army, when he received the offer to become a support engineer at TiG. ‘I’d filled in all the paperwork and was ready to post it that day, but then I got the call from TiG. My life could have been so different. I’m glad I didn’t go; I don’t think I would have made General by now, but I’m the General of TiG’.

Although it wasn’t the project management role he had been originally aiming for, being an onsite support engineer gave Ajay the opportunity to learn about TiG’s clients and the way they operated. As a young graduate this allowed Ajay to develop his skills and grow in confidence, learning how to adapt to work with all different kinds of client.

After two years in the support engineer role, an opportunity arose for Ajay to progress into project management. However, after a few months in this new position he recognised that it was actually managing people which motivated him, and he was given the opportunity to become Service Manager.

‘Once I started in that role I thrived, it was totally the right decision. My natural instinct is to always protect the guys in my team. I like to get involved and show them what to do.’

The confidence to make this move is something he credits to COO George Georgiou; who Ajay says has supported him since he first arrived at TiG. ‘There’s no way I could sum up all the guidance he has given me. With his focus on development I have matured in my approach and communication in so many ways.’

‘I’m very competitive, and I love winning, that’s the goal’

Ajay admits he has a very strong competitive streak, which is part of his motivation on a daily basis. He encourages his team to consistently provide better service for TiG’s clients and is incredibly proud of the awards they have won for service delivery. He even confesses to giving the TiG trophies an extra polish whenever he passes them in the office. His dream car, the BMW M5, is chosen for its powerful speed and handling which Ajay says gives the feeling of ‘being able to take on the world’.

This competitive nature runs throughout the business, with TiG having an award-winning year overall as well as growing through investment and acquisition. Ajay recognised this, saying ‘I started at the bottom of this business and I’ve made it to the top, it’s been an incredible journey. The changes over the years have been amazing and as the business has grown I’ve grown too.’

The growing business presents new tests, with more staff and clients to manage, but Ajay is loving the challenge.

When looking for new recruits, being able to embrace the company culture is something he focusses on. ‘The way we run is very different to other MSPs, there’s a culture of family that people embrace and it’s something I always talk about in interviews.’ Alongside this culture, technical ability and the energy and motivation to continue learning top Ajay’s list for potential new team members. Something to bear in mind if you apply for a job alongside the General.


Take a look at our Careers page for more information about joining Team TiG.

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