The People-First Approach to Workplace Technology

The People-First Approach to Workplace Technology

The moment PCs entered the workplace, it instantly became clear that they would become a mainstay. Ever since, CIOs, whether they had the official title or not, have been needed to ensure the tech would align with and enhance their company’s overall strategy. And as information technology continued to develop, so did the role of the CIO, which in turn has made a people-first approach to workplace technology.

Nowadays, we are at the point where technology is an absolute necessity not just for the success, but for the very survival of most businesses. But as the influence of technology continues to grow, those in charge of it have realised that it is now more important than ever to approach it from a perspective that puts people first.

As an IT managed services company, we understand just how important it is for computer technology to truly empower each employee and allow them to work as efficiently as possible, in a way that suits them the most. This starts with choosing the right IT solution.

Empowering Employees with Microsoft 365

There is certainly no shortage of ground-breaking technology out there. The cloud and AI have the potential to revolutionise a company, and executives may sometimes feel the pressure to adopt them as quickly as possible to avoid falling behind the competition. But adopting new technology merely for the sake of it can be dangerous. Instead, this technology needs to help address the business challenges the company is facing.

For instance, if a business is looking into cloud technology, then it needs the best cloud service for its particular requirements – the priority may be upload speeds, storage, or something else entirely. There are countless specific requirements like these, and they all call for specific solutions.

But as we’ve already mentioned, there is one universal requirement placed before all technology – that is to empower the users and allow them to work the way they want to. And with Microsoft 365, it is possible to do this in several ways.

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution which can bolster creativity and collaboration across the board. It contains numerous products and places a lot of emphasis on enterprise mobility and security (EMS). While providing IT support services, we encounter it frequently.

But no matter how good a software solution is in theory, its actual worth will depend on how well employees can use it. As a managed services company, it’s crucial for us that our clients be able to put it to good use. To this end, we have created a series of webinars which explain its different aspects.

With the right know-how, Microsoft 365 can empower business to build a people-first approach to workplace technology. What follows is a look at two of them.

Working on the Move

With modern technology, there is less of a need for employees to be shackled to their desks. This comes with many challenges, but it is an effort worth pursuing as it can have a tremendous impact on productivity. And with Microsoft 365, many of these challenges can be overcome quite easily.

Device management and data access are among the pillars of flexible working. Being able to sign into all the required apps is always the first step, and Microsoft 365 can streamline this process and allow instant access to potentially thousands of programs.

Of course, this also means that employees will be using various devices. These can be company-owned but also private. Depending on this and their location, different login procedures may be required – Microsoft 365 can accommodate for this.

Staying Secure

The only way for employees to do their absolute best is if they are confident the work they’re doing is secure. Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of the present day and age and often represent the reason why employees don’t have all the flexibility they need. But with Microsoft 365, it is possible to maintain security while the users enjoy a large degree of freedom.

This is thanks to user identities and the security procedures which are based around them. This means the system can protect data anywhere, easily handle authorisation processes, detect suspicious activity, and much more.

And while security is always paramount, it becomes even more relevant when mobile work is involved. This represents a balancing act that companies often go through in their desire to both protect their data and accommodate their employees’ needs to stay on the move.

In the end, there is a lot more that could be said on this topic but the point is that modern technologies need to be implemented in a way that gives the most power to the users. Technology should give people the freedom to be creative and the security to do so with peace of mind. And Microsoft 365 can offer this. To learn more about it and other solutions which can empower a company’s workers, contact us or register for the webinars.

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