The Power of Data and Business Intelligence

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Data-driven decision-making trumps gut feelings all day long. Turning data into insight helps your management teams make faster, better-informed decisions that save costs, improve productivity and keep you ahead of the competition. 

Watch the webinar recording  and learn how to deliver real business value with modern cloud-based data analytics, understand the challenges and pitfalls in creating a data-led organisation and hear real life stories and use cases. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The business benefits of data-driven decision making 
  • How to put powerful, visual reporting and insights at your fingertips 
  • The challenges for SMEs/SMBs in harnessing data analytics – and how to overcome them 
  • Real life stories of how other UK businesses have reaped the benefits of data analytics

Watch the webinar recording

Webinar info

When: Thursday, 16 September at 10:00 AM

Where: Microsoft Teams meeting

How much: 100% free-to-attend

Delivered by:

Mitesh Desai – TiG Technical  Director