TiG hosts dinner and discussion for Private Equity leaders

The first event in our alternative investment discussion series

In February 2020 TiG Data Intelligence launched an alternative investment discussion series with the first event –  ‘How technology is changing private equity’ The event coincided with the release of a paper with the same name, in which we have highlighted some of the major discussions happening within the alternative investment sector today.

The event was attended by CTOs and COOs from some of the UK’s leading private equity firms – here we will take a deeper look at some of the points that were discussed.

'There's no point automating crap processes'

The consensus around the table was that although automation certainly has the capability of speeding up processes, there’s no point in implementing it until those processes are yielding useful information. There is a need among private equity firms in general to review their processes and ensure they are getting the best output from the data they put in. Without this crucial step, there’s unlikely to be widespread adoption of automation technology.

AI's job is to enhance human processes

At this stage the most common use of AI is through machine learning to enrich or filter data, or to speed up repetitive manual processes. There was no concern that humans would be replaced by artificial intelligence any time soon – which backs up the insights we uncovered in our discussion paper. For the foreseeable future, AI will be used to enhance data so that humans are more empowered to make decisions.

It's still early days

There are some PE firms using analytics and AI to speed up their processes and enable accurate forecasting, however others are not working at a scale which warrants investment into the newest technology. The greatest area of interest lies around implementing data analytics within portfolio companies, giving PE firms a quick route into deciding how best to grow their investment.

We’ll be holding more events in the alternative finance discussion series soon. If you’re interested in discussing how technology is being used with our network, get in touch.

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